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On this page we keep an overview of where our puppies are located. See the map here!

B Litter March 2020

The first litter of Dibbes was born on March 12, 2020. Diesel is the proud father! A beautiful litter  of 4 males and 2 females. View the puppies here; DapperRijk Boef Bassie, Beer Boris, Bo Bumper, Bobbie Brutus, and the bitches Bea Blij and Betsie Brown Bobbi. A litter that we enjoyed a lot in the corona time. View the puppies from the litter here.


Wij hopen begin/ voorjaar 2022 een D nestje te krijgen, danwel van Mila (glad), danwel van Olly (ruw). 


On May 9, 2018, Dapper, gave birth to 6 puppies ,3 bitches and 3 males. The brothers and sisters of Dibbes, called Mila, Jacky, Jackx, Storm and Dodo, they all have nice new families. The father of the puppies is called Lasse "Jackxellent Uomo Unique" is a male from Belgium, from the kennel Blossom Jacks. Lasse is a tough dog with a calm and sweet character. Lasse is both Belgian and Dutch Champion. View the puppies here!


The next litter will be Diesel and Mila. We advise those interested to follow our facebook page at

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