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 Dibbes en Whisky hebben hele gezellige dates gehad! De dracht is inmiddels bevestigd door een echo bij de dierenarts! We krijgen weer pups! Medio November ongeveer! Heb je interesse! Neem even contact met ons op!


Op 19 juli is Mila moeder geworden van een prachtige tweeling DapperRijk Dutchy Dexter en DapperRijk Diva Demi! Moeder en pups maken het goed! 

De pups zijn al gereserveerd!


Onze jongste reu, Billardi bond Yasar! Vandaag 9 december 2021 mochten we naar de ogen en patella test bij Medisch Centrum Amsterdam. Uitslag: Super sterke patella's en ogen! 

In janauri 2022 heeft Yasar ook de foktgeschikheids keuring van het NVJRT behaald.

Prachtige pups!

Op 16 juli 2021 is Dibbes bevallen! De pups zijn prachtig, en na een week al lekker mollig!  We genieten met volle teugen! Hou onze facebook pagina in de gaten als je ze wilt volgen!

Of kijk hier! 


December 2020, Hoera! Whisky is bij ons gekomen! Whisky komt uit Rusland, een prachtige reu. In Rusland heeft hij inmiddels al zijn kampioenspunten gehaald. Wij zijn blij met Whisky! Lees hier alles over Whisky!

Dogshow Groningen

On February 29 we attended Dogshow Groningen! There Diesel got another beautiful Excellent with a very nice judge report from judge Mr. J. Walsh. Diesel is a bit of an adolescent, so walking was not very good! Better luck next time!

Stock Photo - Stock Photo - Stock Photos


Dibbes and Diesel had a great time together. On February 14 we go to the vet for an ultrasound. Then we know if Dibbes will get puppies from Diesel!

Dog Breeding Course

November 11, 2019. Last year Martine did the Basic Training Breeding and Keeping of Dogs course at the Board of Directors. She followed the course at the KCWF, Kynologists Club West Friesland, in Alkmaar. The course contains topics such as hereditary theory, reproduction, health around the nest, laws and rules, behavioral science and nutrition and care. 


10 June 2019. Diesel and Dibbes participated in the Pentecost show in Venray today. The judge was Mrs. Joke Bode. Diesel, achieved an "Excellent", and a 2nd prize in the youth class males. A great result for his first show! Dibbes was allowed to go home with a "Very Good". That is fine again! Another good inspection to go with Diesel and the qualifications for a first litter between Diesel and Dibbes are complete! 


 April 6, 2019. Diesel and Dibbes and Mila took part in the Dogshow Zwolle today. The judge was Mrs. Monica Blaha from Austria. Diesel achieved a "Very Promising" and became best puppy and we were allowed to continue to the main ring! Dibbes and Mila both achieved a "Very Good"

Kennel DapperRijk

20-11-2018. The kennel name DapperRijk has been approved by the Raad van Beheer and is registered under number 270267. We are a member of the Dutch Jack Russell Terrier Association and also breed in accordance with the Breeding Regulations and the rules of the Dutch "Raad van Beheer".

DapperRijk logo

DapperRijk has received a logo! Brave in the center of the setting sun that we regularly see from our back garden. So the Dapper Empire! The logo was made by Martine's father, Piet Oortwijn. The photo was taken in March 2018, when Dapper was in Belgium for coverage at the Blossum Jacks kennel.


 Dibbes en Whisky hebben hele gezellige dates gehad! We hopen op pups in november 2023! U kunt ons een mail sturen als u interesse heeft! 


Op 13 maart kwamen alle DapperRijk familieleden bij elkaar voor een strandwandeling in Wijk aan Zee. Een heerlijke ochtend voor alle honden en de eigenaren!

Bekijk de foto's op de DapperRijk Facebook pagina!


Afgelopen 8 augustus deed Whisky voor het eerst mee aan een show! Op de Pinkster show in Gorinchem werd hij beloond met een prachtig keurrapport, een uitmuntende score en een ResCACIB punt. Een goed begin voor Whisky! Lese hier meer over Whisky!


17 juni 2021, Hoera ! De echo is overduidelijk! Dibbes is drachtig! Half juli verwachten wij de pups. Wij hebben er zin in! 

Alle pups zijn inmiddels gereserveerd.


Mei 2020- Hoera ! Mila heeft een helemaal goed gekeurd ECVO rapport! Wij zijn blij!

Next Litter

Next Litter will be from Mila and Diesel ! 

Pups van Dibbes & Diesel

In 2020 we will have Dibbes and Diesel will be parents of a litter. We are already very much looking forward to this beautiful litter.


November 3. Diesel and Dibbes occasionally participate in dog shows. Last November Diesel participated in the club match of the NVJRT. 82 Jack Russell dogs participated. Diesel became first of all male dogs in the youth class, and second of all participating dogs. RES-CAC! With several of these prizes you can become a Dutch champion. More information and show results can be found at the dog pages of Diesel, Dibbes and Mila november. 


June 2019. Martine took the exam today for the "Basic Course Breeding and Keeping of Dogs", this course is organized by the Board of Directors. The modules, Genetics, Reproduction, Health, Care and nutrition, Laws and Rules, Behavior theory were treated. The results will follow soon!

juni 2019.


 March 3, 2019. Diesel and Dibbes participated in the Dogshow Groningen today. The judge was Mrs. Ellen Hontoin Koit. Diesel achieved a "promising" and became best puppy. Dibbes achieved an "excellent" and became third in her age group. Great results and great dogs of course!


15-12-2018. Winner Show Amsterdam, Judge Mrs. A. van Bussel-Tersteeg. Very good. View more Dibbes dog show results here!


You can find the latest news and beautiful photos on Facebook and Instagram. So follow us on Facebook or Instagram


Hoera! Chica krijgt in april 2023 pupjes, haar beste vriend Whisky is de vader van de pups. We kijken er naar uit! 


Chica en Whisky gingen in in Februari mee naar de Dogshow Eindhoven. Met een "Belovend" en een "UITMUNTEND" gingen we tevreden naar huis! Whisky heeft inmiddels al vier keer een Uitmunde score bij een hondenshow!

Lees hier meer over Chica, en hier over Whisky!

ECVO test

Op 29 juli zijn Mila en Diesel, bij het Medisch centrum voor Dieren ECVO goedgekeurd! Wij zijn blij! 

Aankeuring NVJRT
IMG_4377 (1).jpg

12 juni 2021, Hoera Whisky en Olly zijn vandaag goedgekeurd bij de aankeuring van de NVJRT te Woudenberg. Beiden hebben mooie rapporten. Keurmeesters Joke Bode en Gerda van Stuivenberg.

Pups !

March 2020-This morning it was time! Dibbes gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies! And 4 males and 2 females! Dibbes is tired, but very satisfied!

Dogshow Eindhoven

On February 8 Diesel and Martine participated in Dogshow Eindhoven. Diesel had to get used to it again and was a bit restless. In the intermediate class he finished first! In the next round we had to compete with beautiful champion dogs ... no shame to lose! Read more about the results.

Next course
download (1).png

As from January 202 Martine will start with the anuari 2020 start Martine met de follow-up course Advanced Cynological Knowledge in Akersloot. The cours is organised bij the

West Friesland kynologists club.

Holidays 2019

Diesel and Dibbes had a wonderful holiday in September and October, a round of Europe! They visited Austria, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy and France, among others! They have become real travel camperdogs! Everywhere they went we had a lot of attention!


17 May 2019. Diesel and Mila have been to the vet for the EVCO eye test and the patella test. In both dogs the eyes and the patella's are approved. These good results are again a requirement for pedigree litter approved by the Dutch "Raad van Beheer". 


Born on August 29, joined our DapperRijk family on December 13; Diesel! A beautiful male from the Hunter Hawk kennel from Norway. Our Dapper also came from this kennel at the time, which is why we wanted another dog from this kennel. That is where the love for Jack Russells started! Diesel is a wonderful guy and has a beautiful pedigree. Read all about our Diesel here!

Breeders Course

In November 2018 Martine started the course "Breeding and Loving Dogs", this course is given by KCWF in Alkmaar. The exam will take place in June 2019. 

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