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The Jack Russell Terrier is originally from England where he got the name of Reverend Jack Russell who developed a dog for his hobby, the fox hunt. Terrier (terra is Latin for soil) is the collective name for a group of dog breeds descended from small hunting dogs used by the Romans to chase game from their burrows. Terriers typically track and trap foxes, otters, martens, polecats, badgers, rats and rabbits in their den. Judging by the barking of the dog, the hunter can dig out and kill the game. But if necessary, the terrier can also fight himself. To perform these tasks properly, terriers often have a fierce character and do not like to be commanded.

Although the Jack Russell has its origin in England, the breed standard of the Jack Russell has been developed in Australia. There are many dogs in Europe that are incorrectly called Jack Russell, so that people sometimes have a wrong (different) image of the breed. However, there is only an actual Jack Russell Terrier if the ancestors were and that can only be proven with a pedigree, the pedigree. The Breed Standard is established by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). Click here for the FCI breed standard of the Jack Russell.

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