DapperRijk Pups

Op dit moment  is er helaas nog even geen zicht op een nestje. Voor het laatste nieuws kun je ons het beste volgen via www.facebook.com/DapperRijk.


DapperRijk puppies are socialized puppies. The puppies grow up in the living room. So they come into contact with all kinds of sounds, such as the sound of the vacuum cleaner and visitors. They also get used to cats, which are also in the living room!


Because we cannot keep all puppies in our house, but would like to keep dogs available for breeding or showing dogs, we are looking for "host families" for our next puppies.

By a host family we mean a home, a family for the dog. The dog lives with the host family, but occasionally goes with Martine to dog shows and is used for breeding. DapperRijk remains the owner of the dog in this case.


At 6 weeks old, the puppies are carefully checked by the veterinarians of Vétérinaire practice Purmerend and they also receive the puppy vaccination. We also deworm the puppies. Around 8 weeks old they can go with their new owners.

We want the right puppy to end up with the right owner, which is why the puppies are only selected once they are 6 to 7 weeks old. At that age we have already got to know the puppies a bit better and we know the different characters.